Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Definition of mood states

Most dictionary define ‘mood’ as a ‘state of mind’ or a ‘prevailing feeling or emotion’. Mood perhaps best characterized as neurophysiological state that consciously accessible, primitive and simple at psychological level, but complex at an etiological level.

Moods may signify happiness, anger, tension, or anxiety. Chronic periods of any mood state may be an indicator of a disorder as well. Mood states are like the colors of the rainbow: each shade is distinct, but they blend into one another at the edges.

Mood states are different from specific emotions, like anxiety in that they are more enduring and less intense feeling states but their effect on sports performance is thought to be substantial.

Moving through the different shades of emotions is often a normal and appropriate response to the situations in which anybody can find themselves.

Mood is sensitive to a variety of personal factors, such as health (e.g. negative effects from illness or allergies), hormones and perceptions.

Although people are not always aware of their mood states, or sometimes struggle to find the word that best captures who they fell at any one moment, it is very rare to be devoid of any emotion.
Definition of mood states
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