Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Levels of emotional manifestations

The term emotional manifestations refers to the changes in the patient’s feelings or the changes in his overt behavior directly attributable to his feeling states.

The occurrence of frequent crying spells in a patient who rarely or never cried before becoming depressed might indicate a greater level of depression than it would in a patient who habitually cried whether depressed or not.

Aaron T Beck, the founder of cognitive therapy suggest that emotional manifestations are exemplified by the frequently observed sadness or dejected mood and that cognitive manifestations are exemplified by the depressive’s tendency to see himself as deficient in attributes that are particularly important to him.

The Greek physician Galen claimed that controlling the manifestation of emotions may reduce their intensity, and that it is easier to control the manifestations than the emotion itself.

There are three levels of emotional manifestations:
*The emotions the person depend on, related to the influence of reality on him
*The emotions the person control by controlling reality, namely y making choices in his life that fulfill his desires
*The emotions he choose to manifest, by intentionally connecting to his conscience to the chosen one
Level of emotional manifestations
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